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When you making on a responsive web design project, you’ll be spending a lot of time looking at how designs resolve from one browser experience to another, and wireframing layouts across devices. But you should too devote a hefty amount of time to examining and planning your content.

Last year, in a post on A List Apart, “Content Strategy for Mobile” author Karen McGrane wrote about responsive sites how so many clients she works with don’t place a high priority on content during a responsive web design project:

"Even companies that want to take a “mobile first” approach can’t just throw off the shackles of their desktop content. For many, suggesting the organization “start fresh” with new content would be organizational suicide, touching the political third rail of stakeholders and competing interests.on Other hand acknowledge it’s time for a new approach.

  • Designing your formats workflow (before anything else)
  • Prioritizing page editing and restructuring
  • Planning for long-term governance